VXDLforum is an international community where member organizations and the public work together to develop standards for Virtual Infrastructure modeling. Led by VXDL inventors, VXDLforum mission is to develop insights and standards for virtual infrastructures modeling that provide real-world value for Cloud and Network industry and to lead the VXDL Language development to its full potential. Contact VXDLforum for more information.

About VXDLforum

VXDLforum is an international, membership-based, not-for-profit computer and network industry and academy consortium.

Any organization may join VXDLforum and participate in our discussions and standards-setting process. Our one-organization-one-vote (or consensus-based) policy ensures that every organization, large and small, has a effective voice in our process. Our membership includes software end-users, large and small organization in the computer and network industry and public research.

VXDLforum Task Forces develop enterprise integration standards for virtual infrastructure modeling and software tools.

VXDLforum's modeling standards, including the VXDL™ Language enable powerful formal design, visual design, execution and maintenance of virtual infrastructures, including Virtual IT Systems and Virtual Network Modeling. VXDLforum's standards and profiles support a variety of industries.

The requirements document that drives each VXDLforum standard-setting activity (the Request for Proposal) and other key documents are available for viewing by anyone, member or not. Email discussion, meeting attendance, and voting are restricted to members; though prospective members are invited to attend few meeting as a guest observer.

External standards organizations and other consortia maintain liaison relationships with VXDLforum.

VXDLforum is also the Event Producer for the VXDL workshops, held twice a year for its members, in locations around the world.

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